Custom Cut Foam

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Please Call 310-709-9225 for Custom Cuts ONLY:

  • We cut to any size you like. We strongly advise, Before placing an order, to please contact us before purchasing this item. To be able to provide you competitive rates on our premium quality foam.

Firm Foam:

  • Firm foam is designed for that firm feeling for those who don't want to sink into their couch.  Common applications include Standard size seats, chairs, cushions & benches, and mattresses. Typical life is 5 to 8 years.

Soft Foam:

  • Poly foam is a fair-quality foam with a medium feel. Common applications include occasional-use mattresses and cushion, packaging & shipping and pet beds. Typical life is 1 to 2 years.

Memory Foam:

  • Memory foam is a type of foam specifically designed for pressure relief purposes. This medium-feel foam enhances comfort, while still offering support at the same time. Common applications include mattresses, mattresses toppers, Seat Pads, and body pillows. Typical life is 5 to 8 years.

Dryfast/ Waterproof: (Outdoor Foam)

  • Dryfast foams are suited for outdoor use where moisture and precipitation like rain is prevalent, such as in patio furniture, including under Phifertex material, or in marine cushioning on personal watercraft. The large, open cells provide a degree of airflow not present in other foams, allowing it to dry quickly, even after complete saturation. 

With Dacron/ Batting:

  • "Dacron" is a Polyester batting we use to wrap around our foam pieces.  It serves a few different purposes, all significant to the look and feel of your cushions!

  • Dacron rounds out the edges and fills the fabric cushion cover for a more even rounded appearance - definitely an aesthetic bonus!